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Join Us March 5th, 2024 at 10 a.m. EST

Alessandro Zamboni offers years of experience in online marketing. His solid background is full of successful product launches, with 69 Deals Of The Day titles and quality products sold on WarriorPlus and ClickFunnels. 

Alessandro Zamboni

Andreas Quintana

Andreas Quintana is a long-time course launch partner of Alessandro Zamboni. He won many Deals Of The Day, and he also creates outstanding products around the self-publishing niche.


1st Prize: $250
2nd Prize: $150
3rd Prize: $100
4th Prize: $50
5th Prize: $50

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Imagine tapping into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and your customer's passion for art transforms into a thriving business. We are happy to introduce you to "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire," the ultimate guide to dominating the adorable and profitable niche of kawaii coloring books!

Why Kawaii Coloring Books?

Kawaii culture has taken the world by storm, symbolizing more than just "cuteness"—it represents joy, whimsy, and a unique form of self-expression. This global phenomenon has sparked a demand for kawaii coloring books, not just among children but also among adults seeking a playful escape into a world of imagination and color.

What's Inside The Course?

"Kawaii Coloring Books Empire" is a video series we created to walk your customers through every step of creating their very own enchanting kawaii coloring book. From discovering the art of kawaii, leveraging the latest AI technology for flawless designs, to mastering the art of publishing and marketing on Amazon, we have got you covered.

Exciting Contest of $600 With No Limits!

To make things more exciting, we are hosting a contest! The top 5 affiliates with the highest number of sales during the campaign period will win a grand prize of $600: $250 to the first, $150 to the second, $100 to the third, and $50 each for the 4th and 5th.

We have a great funnel to go, including:

OTO1, a set of videos continuing to show you more characters to create in kawaii style. It sells for $27 with a 50% commission.

OTO2, a collection of 400 MidJourney prompts, allows you to create stunning characters without losing time thinking about prompts. It sells for $37 with a 50% commission. 

OTO3, a collection of our best products released together. It sells for $37 with a 50% commission.

OTO4 is the collection of all the OTOs of our best products. They sell for $47 with a 50% commission.

Plus, by partnering with us, you will become a part of a dedicated and passionate team that values your support and is committed to helping you succeed by promoting your offers. We're here to provide any assistance you or your customers may need.
We hope to count you in!

To your success,
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SWIPE FILE 1 (Launch Day)


Kawaii Coloring Books Empire is Live!
Create Kawaii Coloring Books With AI!


Hello and welcome.

If you have ever wondered why some artists and entrepreneurs effortlessly turn their creative passions into profit, while others struggle just to get noticed, then this message could be the most important one you read this year.

In a world full of competition, finding a niche that’s not just profitable but also deeply rewarding can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. Yet, the secret to unlocking this elusive success could be hiding in plain sight within the vibrant world of kawaii culture.

Why kawaii, you ask? Because it’s more than a trend or a fad; it’s a global obsession started in Japan that transcends age, culture, and geography. And with our groundbreaking course, you have the blueprint to carve out your own empire in this booming market.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

What will you discover in this course?

A Proven Path: Alessandro Zamboni and Andreas Quintana distilled the essence of creating captivating, sellable kawaii coloring books into a step-by-step formula that anyone can follow—no guesswork required.

Market Mastery: Learn how to identify untapped opportunities within the kawaii coloring book niche, setting you miles apart from the competition.

Sales Secrets: Discover the art of creating books to sell on Amazon that your audience can’t resist, using strategies that have been kept under wraps—until now.

For a brief window, Alessandro and Andreas are opening the doors to this spectacular video course at an introductory price that I guarantee will never be repeated.

Miss out now, and you may find yourself regretting it for a long time to come.

Click the link below to grab your copy of "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire!"

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Thanks and see you,

SWIPE FILE 2 (Day 2)


A Crazy New Opportunity!
Hidden And Profitable Self-Publishing Niche!


Hello and welcome.

In an ocean of opportunities, there's a monumental launch upon us. "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire" is a revelation for coloring book authors.

This isn’t about chasing after the latest trend or gimmick. It’s about leveraging a proven, enduring market craving that’s both deeply rewarding and surprisingly overlooked.

Imagine diving into a niche that is so passionate, so enduring, and yet, so ripe for innovation that entering it could redefine your self-publishing journey. The kawaii culture is a global phenomenon that quietly commands the attention and wallets of millions.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Why Is It The Best Moment To Create Kawaii Coloring Books?

Untapped Market: While others are battling in oversaturated markets, kawaii offers a realm of vast opportunities with a ready-and-waiting audience.

Expert Insights: Gain exclusive access to strategies and insights from industry insiders, distilled into actionable steps for immediate application.

Transformational Journey: This is about transforming your understanding of what makes a product truly resonate with its audience through the right AI drawings.

The early bird doesn’t just get the worm; it gets the whole market. With "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire," you are positioned to become a market leader in a niche where demand outstrips supply.

Are you ready to transform your aspirations into tangible success? To move from dreaming to doing?

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Thanks, and see you!

SWIPE FILE 3 (Day 3)


Kawaii Coloring Books in a Snap?
The Irresistible Power of Cuteness Can Be Yours!


Hello and welcome!

If there's one universal truth in the world of marketing and product creation, it's that emotion sells.

And what could possibly evoke more joy, warmth, and instant emotional connection than the universal language of cuteness? That's the heart of kawaii, a phenomenon that transcends cultural boundaries with its appeal to our innate love for all things adorable.

Imagine having the power to create products that don't just get noticed but are loved, cherished, and collected. This isn't about tapping into a trend; it's about unlocking a timeless aspect of human nature. "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire" offers you the keys to this kingdom of cuteness, combining passion with profitability in a way that's truly unparalleled.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Why Cuteness? Why Kawaii?

Universal Appeal: Kawaii's irresistible charm is a global language of positivity and happiness. And in this period of time, we need that more than any other thing.

Emotional Connection: Products infused with kawaii not only stand out but also create a deep emotional bond with audiences, leading to higher engagement and loyalty.

Innovative Edge: By embracing the art of kawaii, you are not following the crowd; you are doing something different, offering something truly unique and heartwarming in a sea of sameness.

With "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire," you are learning how to infuse your creations with the kind of joy that lights up faces and opens wallets. This course is your step-by-step guide to mastering an art form that can transform your business and connect you with a passionate, global audience.

This is an invitation to lead in a market hungry for happiness. Are you ready to harness the power of kawaii and make a real impact?

Click the link below to begin your journey.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Thanks, and see you soon!

SWIPE FILE 4 (Day 5)


Last Chance!

Why Paying More For This?


Hello and welcome!

In the realm of opportunity, timing is everything. As a valued subscriber of my list, I want to ensure you are in the loop on an important update regarding "Kawaii Coloring Books Empire," your gateway to creating coloring books full of cuteness.

Let me be transparent. The value packed into this video course is unparalleled. With 8 videos, all the MidJourney prompts we used, special bonus prompts to create backgrounds, this is something made to enhance your creativity and bring home moolah.

However, the price will be increasing soon.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

Secure your access at the current price before the increase. This is an investment in endless creativity in a lot of kawaii profitable sub-niches. And remember, your purchase includes not only the video series but also bonus access to Alessandro Zamboni's free Inner Circle, and more prompts to create cool backgrounds.

Be among the pioneers to offer fresh, never-before-seen coloring books, activity books, stories, and more that cater to a vast audience seeking cuteness and relief from today's news.

Seize this opportunity now at the most opportune moment. It's your turn to give something good to your buyers; children and adults are searching for kawaii coloring books that still have not been created.

Consider this your personal invitation to join an exclusive group of creators and entrepreneurs who understand the power of acting at the right moment. The clock is ticking, and this is one deadline you won't want to miss.

==> Kawaii Coloring Books Empire

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I'm very happy to count you in on this special launch, something huge. One of my best launches of all times, for customers and for affiliates like you.
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