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We Give You 500 Prompts To Create Kawaii Animals, Food And Drinks, Anime Girls,
Anime Boys, And Mixed Items.

100 Prompts Per 5 Categories To Create a Lot
Of Coloring Books, And Secondary Projects!

Are you ready to create a lot of coloring books incredibly fast? Introducing our latest companion for any coloring book creator: the exclusive collection of "500 Kawaii MidJourney Prompts."

Created with precision and creativity, this collection is your golden key to a treasure trove of unique, beautiful, and high-quality black and white images. We have meticulously created for you 500 MidJourney prompts, divided into five enchanting categories:

+ 100 Kawaii Animal Image Prompts: From majestic lions to the mystical Australian animals, bring a zoo of delight to your pages.

+ 100 Kawaii Food & Drink Image Prompts: Satisfy every craving with deliciously detailed kawaii food and drink illustrations to color.

+ 100 Kawaii Anime Girl Prompts: Capture hearts with the charm and whimsy of beautifully designed characters.

+ 100 Kawaii Anime Boy Prompts: From the heroic to the heartwarming, add a dash of adventure and emotion.

+ 100 Kawaii Items Image Prompts: Animate the inanimate, bringing everyday objects to life with a touch of kawaii magic.

Each prompt has been carefully designed to spark creativity and offer endless possibilities for your coloring books. Whether you are looking to cater to the tastes of children, adults, or anyone in between, this collection provides the versatility and inspiration you need to create works that stand out.

Are you ready to take your coloring book creations to the next level?

These 500 Prompts Are New, And Never-Seen-Before.

Start Creating Top-Quality Kawaii Coloring Books

Without Losing Your Precious Time!

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