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From The desk of Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro

Dear Friend,

How many times have you walked in a woods or forest, hearing strange noises like breaking branches or voices, or felt like you were being watched? They are the creatures of the forest. They are little, they care about their environment, and they help animals in trouble. How many stories did you hear about them when you were a kid?

Those little creatures are still evergreen today, and after centuries, we still tell stories about them. Cartoons have been made, stories have been told, and drawings and art have been crafted.

And today, we give you the chance to create stunning drawings of those little creatures to use in your stories, journals, activity books, stickers, print-on-demand, online or printed materials, and a lot more.

There's An Enchanted World To Bring In Your Books.
Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, Unicorns, And More!

Here Are a Few Images Created With Our Prompts:

This Is a Golden Niche For Children's Stories!

$86,864 Per Month!

$86,864 Per Month!

Now Introducing
"Enchanted Creatures Prompts Empire"!

576 Outstanding Prompts To Create Beautiful Images
For Your Children's Stories!

How Can You Make Money
With Those Images?

  • Create Stories

    Each prompt we give you can be modified how many times you want to create all your story images.

  • Create Activity Books

    In an era where visual content is king, turn your enchanted creatures images into brilliant activity books, useful as a learning supplements.

  • Illustrate Journals

    Start thinking about journals featuring one creature only, or many of them together through your custom pages.

  • Sell Images with PLR Rights

    This is a gold mine. Create image packs and sell them with Private Label Rights, giving your customers the chance to sell those stories on their own books.

  • Create Images For Your Website

    If you have a blog, you can use those images when you talk about gnomes, fairies, witches, wizards, dragons, unicorns, and much more.

  • Create Birthday Cards

    Use your image, add some text, and create stunning birthday cards, or festivity cards.

  • Create Art

    Turn those colorful images into beautiful art simply by showing people how they can print it, and put a frame over.

  • Paid Email Series

    Think outside the box and offer a subscription-based email series where you tell stories, and where you can use the images.

I Just Scratched The Surface Here.
There Are a Lot of Ways To
Make Money With Those Beautiful Images.

This Is a Huge Collection To Create Images
For a Lot Of Projects.

With Those 576 Prompts You Can Create
Many Creatures, Including:

  • Gnomes

  • Fairies

  • Elves

  • ​Dwarves

  • Leprechauns

  • Nymphs

  • Witches

  • Wizards

  • Dragons

  • Unicorns

  • Phoenixes

This Is Incredibly Valuable, If You Think That
Each Prompt Can Give You Different Image Concepts Anytime You Enter It On MidJourney, Leonardo AI,

Or On Your Favorite AI Image Generator.

Who Am I?

My name is Alessandro Zamboni, I’m from Italy, and I’ve been an “in the trenches” internet marketer since 2008.

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I became disabled and unable to work a traditional job due to my health issues. So I had no choice but to seek out alternative methods of making money to support myself and my family. I struggled for years before anything clicked but once I tasted success I ran with it.

And here I am all these years later, still fighting, still recovering, and still helping people get great results in their lives from online marketing.

Let's Talk About The Power Of Those Prompts!

This brand-new series of prompts provides a myriad of benefits.

Here are just a few:

  • Time-Saving

    With a pre-made collection of prompts, you can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent researching and crafting effective prompts for generating high-quality images of enchanted creatures.

  • Consistency

    Using a carefully curated set of prompts ensures that the generated images maintain a consistent style and quality throughout the collection, creating a cohesive and professional look.

  • Variety

    The collection of 576 prompts offers a wide range of enchanted creatures, such as gnomes, fairies, elves, nymphs, dwarves, leprechauns, witches, wizards, dragons, unicorns, and phoenix, allowing for a diverse and interesting set of images that cater to different preferences and needs.

  • Inspiration

    The prompts can serve as a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and designers looking to create content related to enchanted creatures, sparking new ideas and helping to overcome creative blocks.

  • Versatility

    The generated images can be used for various purposes, including book illustrations, game design, concept art, social media content, and more, making the collection a valuable resource for multiple projects.

  • Uniqueness

    By using these specific prompts, you can create a one-of-a-kind collection of enchanted creature images that stand out from other offerings in the market, giving you a competitive edge and attracting potential buyers or clients who are looking for something special.

Start Creating Stories For Kids And Adults, And a Lot Of Projects
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AI graphics opened a lot of doors, but the problem is that people are publishing a lot of bad images on books, undermining an entire book.

That's why we built this prompt series; to give you the opportunity to have top quality images to publish together with your stories that you can also create with ChatGPT, Claude AI, Google Gemini, and so on.

People have the possibility to choose, so why continue to publish low-quality books? It's time to give buyers choices. And that's what you can learn to do with our "Enchanted World Prompts Empire," which includes 576 prompts to create enchanted creatures.

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Which Rights Do You Have On The Images You Create?

You cannot sell our prompts "as-is", BUT you have all the rights on the images you create. You can sell them, give them away for free,
use them to make PLR, and in any way you like.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your Christmas success story!

Alessandro Zamboni

Paulo Gro

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